Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grow in Grace - Growth Chart

    One of the first projects I did in the new house was a growth chart/growth tracker.  We lived in our old house for 7 years and the hardest part of moving was leaving behind the door jam that tracked the kids growth over the years.  Little ones get so excited when they see that they have grown even an eighth of an inch and I felt like we were leaving those precious moment behind.  Since the house we live in is a rental I decided to create a portable growth chart.  About a year ago I created on for a friend for her first baby.  I searched Pinterest, back then there wasn't much to it, and I got some cute ideas.  So when I made mine I knew exactly what I wanted.

I mounted it in our kitchen on the only available wall.  Fits a little snug but perfect at the same time!

The lettering was really simple.  I just printed it out on my computer  using the mirror image and did the old pencil rub technique you learn in grade school art.  Then I just painted over the transferred lettering with grey paint.  I know there are alot of vinyl lettering things out there but I don't have the tools for that, I really didn't want to spend the money on it and I wanted it to be as permanent as possible.  I want my grandkids to be able to use this with their families!

This is the pencil technique.  The ink from the printer comes off onto the wood when you flip the image on the computer and lay it ink side down on the wood and color over it with your pencil.

Here is what it looked like after I transferred it.  Next I painted over it by hand very carefully. :)

Cam and Bella posing for the camera!

What do you think?

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