Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mario Party!

    Well this weekend was pretty uneventful.  I was on the couch sick the entire weekend and the grogginess moved into Monday so my post today is going to be showing off my sons birthday party from April.  I know, I know, you're thinking April?!  His party was in April but it was way to cool not to show it off.  The theme was Super Mario Brothers.  Mario is a video game that Cameron and I used to play nonstop when I was on bed rest with Bella.  The party itself came together really well.  I had so many ideas and most of them turned out EXACTLY as I hoped.

    If you have ever played Mario, you know that at the end of every level there is a flag and a castle.  Cam and I brainstormed and since he wanted cupcakes and not a cake, we decided to use the castle as the cupcake tower.  We currently use our dining room as our craft/computer room.  Our living room is SOOO big, we use it as a combo living/dining room.  The cupcake castle is in my craft area so I needed a way to cover all of my stuff on the white bookshelves.  We were on a VERY limited budget so I simply used inexpensive tablecloths from the party store.  I think they were $2 a piece and I only used 1 and a half!  I created the pennant banner myself using a Mario font I downloaded online and some scrapbook paper I already had.  The castle itself is constructed of boxes I had lying around in my garage that I wrapped in kraft paper and drew a brick pattern on with a brown marker.  I cut the door and windows using black paper.  The "M" flag is scrapbook paper, a dowel and a styrofoam ball I painted yellow and a soup can I covered in green sticker foam for the tunnel.

These Invincibility stars are yellow chocolate candies that I created from a mold I had left over from a baby shower.

Cameron already had this toy Mario so we just put him here in front of the cupcake castle.

    The dining area was were we put all of the snacks for the boys.  Like I said, we were on a VERY tight budget so I had to get creative with the food.  I used some brownie mix and yellow icing to create "Question Block Brownies", marshmallows and chocolate candy to make "Super Mushroom Marshmallows", and Oreos and more chocolate candy to create "Coin Oreos".  The Oreos were the toughest part of the whole party.  Ha!  I had a very hard time keeping them together!  In the end I just kept caking on the chocolate and eventually they turned out adorable!  I used a star shaped cookie cutter to make "Super Star Sandwiches" and veggies were "1-Up Veggies".  Surprisingly the veggies were my sons favorite part.  He thought it was so cool that the veggies could give you another life!

The mantle was kinda tough for me.  I've never decorated a mantle before and I wanted it to stand out but not to busy.  I just took some cool cloud paper I found at Michaels in the kids section and wrapped it around 3 foam boards.  I used a box lid to make a cool pop-out Question Block.  I printed the flower and question mark off the internet and cut them out and glued them on.  All of the brick blocks I used for the party were Capri-Sun boxes that we had laying around.

My daughter Taylor's favorite part of the party were the Mario Mustaches.  She has an obsession as apparently every teenager does!  I just drew a mustache out and traced several onto black card stock, cut 2 little slits and stuck a wooden skewer through the slits.

She is such an awesome goofy kid!!

As added fun for the boys we had a Mario piñata and had a water gun fight in the back yard.  Cam said it was the most fun he has ever had at a birthday party!

So, that was Cameron's 9th birthday party.  I had such a great time planning it!  We had a chance to reminisce about the times we played video games together and we even broke out the game for a couple of brainstorming sessions!  It was really nice planning something that we could both really get into.  He even had his own special cupcake that he helped design!  What a great day that we will remember forever!
Is that not the cutest little boy you have ever seen!!  Cam's cupcake is a marshmallow covered in chocolate candy with a firepower flower I printed on paper twice, cut them both out and sandwiched to a toothpick which I stuck into the marshmallow.

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