Thursday, November 14, 2013

Since you've been gone...

   More like since I've been gone!  Oh this past year has really been quite an amazing year.  It has been one of the worst in some ways but also one of the best.
   This year our family went through one of the toughest battles we have ever faced.  In July of 2012, Cameron was diagnosed with Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis, or JRA.  The diagnosis itself is something that Cameron has adjusted to rather well, it was what led up to the diagnosis that was so heartbreaking.  To make a long story short, Cam lost 10 lbs. in 2 months and spent 3 days in the hospital.  For any parent I'm sure you can now see why it was so heartbreaking.  Fast forward to November 2013 and Cameron is doing AWESOME!  He is still pretty scrawny :) but he is also a pretty wild kid!
  As a family we have really grown very close since the big move to Jax.  We love it here and are so thankful that the Lord brought us to this great city.  I created some collages of the things that have happened this year...

Everyday life
Bella and Taylor made faces, Bella was a diva ballerina, Cameron pretended to be The Bubble Wrap Hulk, Ben coached Cam's summer basketball team, Tay played with her camera consistently!, Bells was a nerd and a cheerleader - That kid loves to play dress-up, Cam playing basketball and one of MANY FSU football games we attended

Work Hard Play Hard

My Etsy shop has really taken off this year and the family has been SUPER supportive.  They have helped wrap mugs and eaten one too many chicken nuggets so that I can keep my creative juices flowing!

Making a Rental a Home
Flintstone car that Ben and I built for his work, Tables Ben built me for my work room, Roller Coaster car that Ben and I built for VBS, Dresser to be DIY-ed for Bella's room, repainting living room entertainment center

Right now we are living in a rental and it's actually been kinda tough on me.  I know I'm a whiner.  The house is fine, I just have such a hard time not being able to change things!  So, we have been working on furniture pieces that can be changed so that this rental and feel at least a little bit like our home.  I hope to show off some before and after pics of some of the pieces.


Ben and I celebrated 10 YEARS of marriage this year!!  It has been a wild ride but I would't trade a moment of it!!  We celebrated with a trip for 2 to the Bahamas.  Neither of us had ever been on a cruise so it was a great way to spend our anniversary.  I don't think I have ever had so much fun in my life!  I loved the boat, the beach and the quality time that Ben and I had.  We went snorkeling, hung out by the pool and got dressed up for some CRAZY good food.  Don't you just love the pic of Ben being all gangster!  He is such a dork!  Hopefully this will be just the first of MANY cruises!


We had a pretty laid back Halloween.  Light trick-or-treating and passing out candy was what we decided on this year.  Bella wanted to be Eep from The Croods so I found some tiger fabric at my local fabric store and whipped up a quick cave girl costume.  Tay was an owl.  She found this adorable mask at Target and just threw the rest together so she could look super fab!  Cam was obviously a Lakers basketball player.  He is at that age where he still wants to dress up and get candy but he doesn't want to be full on costume dorky.

So there you have it.  Some of the more eventful events of the year.  I hope to keep you all more informed on everyday life in the Revell house.  Fingers crossed!  Have a great day!

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