Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Sweet 16 Taylor!

Taylor turned 16 on Sunday and we had a family get together for her on Saturday.  The grandparents visited from Tallahassee and my cousins and grandma came as well.  It was a really fun little party.  Taylor is not like most teenagers.  She didn't ask for a car or even to get her license.  Tay is in no hurry to drive, I can't say I blame her but we are slowly trying to encourage her to at least practice for the future.  Anyway, she asked for her bedroom to be redone for her birthday.  Okay so maybe she is a little like me ;)  I will share some of the final pics of her room in another post.  Today I want to share the party stuff!

Since this was just a small family celebration we didn't go all out.  No DJ, no band, no insanely expensive party.  Just an intimate get together to show Tay how much we love her.

Here are some of the decorations we used around the house for the party.  She wanted owls and red and turquoise.

Our entertainment center.  I hope to post some pics of what it used to look like very soon. :)

As you all know, Taylor is a budding photographer.  Her dream is to one day do photography professionally so we decided to get some family members to chip in to help us buy her a real professional camera!  She was so excited!  We even had an impromptu photo shoot in the front yard!  It was a blast.

Taylor and her new camera!  Sorry for the grainy pic, it was taken with my phone!

Taylor being a supermodel.  LOL.

Ben and I.  Isn't she a great photographer!?!

Taylor and Cameron

My mom and my sister.  This is true genuine laughter. I am in the background being goofy and they just couldn't help but laugh along!  This is one of my favorite pics!

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