Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Summer!

Summer has officially begun for the Revell Family!  Last night we took the boat out for a short ride along the river.  It was nice being on the water again.  The kids really love it.  Taylor is more of an ocean junkie but she still loves a nice ride along the river.  Cameron wants to fish every time he sets foot on that boat and Bella just loves to go FAST! Haha.

I took a few pictures while we were out.  Taylor avoided the camera for some reason so I only have the back of her head.  Lol, teenagers!

One thing you will learn from me on this blog is that I have a mad love for clouds.  The way the sun hides behind them but the rays still show through makes me smile.  God does that in my life on a regular.  He sits back and lets me make my decisions but never lets me forget that he is there, whether there is a dark cloud over me or not, He Is There!

My babies are growing so fast.  Bella starts Kindergarten in August and Taylor will be a SENIOR in high school... Where has that time gone?  This summer is a very important one for me personally.  This is my last summer before my life changes drastically.  I will be alone come August.  For 5 years I have been a stay at home mom and Bella has been with me EVERY DAY.  I will miss having her here with me and I'm not quite sure whether or not I should go back to work or just continue to be here when they get home from school.  Most people say that I should go back to work but this is also one of my last years with Taylor at home.  Soon she will leave and be on her own and I want to be here for her as much as I always have been in her last years at home.  No decisions have been made either way so I am going to just enjoy this summer with my babies and see how next school year goes.

Hopefully this summer will be filled with boat rides, beach days, pool days and loads of CRAFT DAYS!!

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