Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We've Moved!!

It finally happened! We moved into another house, still renting, but now we have room to spread out and really make some things happen.  I'm not sure anyone really understood how unhappy I was in the other house.  I'm not sure I even understand why.  Have you ever felt like you were just not where you were supposed to be...?  That's how I felt.  I never felt at home there.  Almost like we were just visiting for 3 years!  The new house on the other hand, is wonderful!  I love it.  The house itself is not my dream home per say but there are so many other things that make it feel like home.  We are within walking distance from our church and Bella's school, there is a neighborhood park and pool and most importantly the kids have already made friends.  In the other neighborhood it always seemed like we were living in a kidless community.  This neighborhood is full of kids of all ages and a ton of them actually go to our church and are already friends of the kids.  I finally feel like we are where we are supposed to be and hopefully we will be here in this community for a long time!

I took some pics of the house but you have to excuse the mess!  We did just move in...

This is what you see when you first walk in the door.
Right now we are calling this the "front room" the purpose is still undetermined.  There are plans to sell the papasan chair and possibly the entertainment center.
Unfortunately this is not even half of our DVD collection.  We are thinking of building a shelving unit that can store and hide this chaos.
My sister and I call this the "non-corner wall".  I'm thinking of a great buffet or console table to act as party central!
This is our family room.  Obviously this is were we spend most of our time because it's the most completed.  I have been yard saleing and thrifting and found most of the items in this room.  More on that later. ;) BTW, that's Bella waving HI!

Ben's new/old thrifted chair!

Ugly Florida fireplace that will serve no purpose and should never have been allowed in such an obnoxiously hot climate.

 Ok, so that is the bottom floor except bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen.  I have saved the best part of the house for last...  Again, please ignore the MASIVE mess that I have created!

I HAVE MY OWN SEPARATE WORK SPACE!!!!  This is why we are renting this house.  That table is 4 feet by 8 feet!!

So, there is our new home.  I have a truckload of ideas for every room.  Hopefully being in this home will keep me motivated enough to take pictures and share with everyone all of my projects.  There are a couple that I have already completed just waiting to be shared.

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  1. Looks like you are off to a great start! Can't wait to follow and keep up with all your discoveries and ideas for your new house! Blessings to you!