Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Awesome New Updates

Y'all I am SUPER excited about some of the things we have accomplished around here!  We've moved rooms, painted furniture and celebrated birthdays!

The first major change was to swap the living room and dining room.  As much as I fought this change, I am so pleased with how it has changed the way we live.  When we toured the house to rent it the previous tenants had their "family room" set up near the kitchen and it felt tight but their furniture was SO much larger than mine I thought nothing of it and being the follower that I am ;) I did my furniture the same way when we moved in.  Big mistake, it was so cramped when all 5 of us were sitting together.  We are big movie and popcorn people so we needed our space to lounge on a regular basis.  About 6 months in I was pulling my hair out and tired of all of the whining about "his feet are touching me" or "why does daddy get a couch all to himself".  So after moving every piece of furniture in every configuration I could think of I decided, after brainstorming with my mom and sister, to just ditch the whole "family room" idea.  What a difference!!  My biggest reservation was that I wouldn't be in the same room as everyone else while cooking.  Surprise, surprise it doesn't matter what room I'm in...they follow. Haha!

Take a look at the before

And this is what it looked like a few months ago when we made the switch...

Even more has changed since this picture but that will have to wait for another day. :)  The lonely Eames Chair is just the start of some awesome changes!