Monday, March 28, 2016

She's 18!

Time has really amazing redhead is 18!  It happened a month ago but I am still having a hard time believing it.  We wanted to do something really special for her big day so we asked her what she wanted to do and all she really wanted was to have a tea party!  After lots of discussing and planning she decided to do a coffee and tea party.  It was so much fun planning this with her.  She is such a lover of all things tea and coffee.  As her gift from us I went out and purchased all new dishes for this party so that when she eventually is ready to be on her own, she will have a good base of lovely dishes to entertain her guests with.  :)  I'm pretty sure the party was a big hit, she talked about for days after!!

The record player was a gift from my sister.  Taylor was so excited to get it and she changed out records the whole party!

Ben built this tea holder for her birthday.  Nothing like a gift from daddy on your birthday. :)  Hopefully she will love it always.

We covered the breakfast table in kraft paper and chalkboard paper for everyone to draw and write notes for Taylor on. 

They're such cute kids right!?!

I'm so amazed at how quickly they grow up it seems like just yesterday I was putting Taylor's hair in pigtails and watching her play with Polly Pockets.  I just hope the next 18 years go by a little slower.  LOL!

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